Having lived in Port Hueneme for 6 years, I have yet to see any meaningful change in our city. I am now running to serve my community and help to solve the many challenges that our city face. I am most excited at the prospect of being able to talk face-to-face with all Hueneme residents, and listen to what they believe is necessary to move Port Hueneme forward.

The three most pressing issues that the city faces are attracting new streams of revenue, enacting a sustainable and balanced budget and fostering a unified sense of community for all Port Hueneme residents.

To attract more streams of revenue, our city needs to focus on attracting new businesses, increasing tourism, and attracting the right type of real estate development. The cities many empty commercial storefronts and lots,  could be developed into projects that help to move our city forward. Further, the city council can take a more active role in bringing more tourists to the city’s beautiful parks, walkways, and beaches. Regarding bringing business to the city, Port Hueneme should work with the relevant stakeholders to figure out how we can provide more job opportunities to city residents, while at the same time cutting the red tape for those seeking to create jobs in the city.

To help to create a sustainable balanced city budget, the city needs to look at each line item and cut unnecessary expenses–while implementing new technologies to improve efficiency and synergy among the cities employees.

Feel free to contact me via email (info@oscarsandoval.com) with any questions.

Thank you for your support.